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Touching Stories On Small Game Hunting

Small game hunters have many stories to tell about hunting and the thrill that comes along with it. For most Americans fishing and hunting are simple pleasures they look forward to on weekends. The fun that goes with camping, flaming marshmallows and hotdogs cooked over a campfire on sticks, and laughter about stories being told around the campfire is simply a delight.

One touching story about small game hunting was told by a retired police officer, James Rogers. His 16 years of weekend hunting ended when the police car hit the wall of a retail store and caused him to lose his ability to walk. After a long month of sulking, he decided that hunting was still designed for him. Seated in a wheelchair, he posted a forum on the internet seeking for organizations that were willing to take him and other disabled hunters to the woods or river to fish.

After a few hours, he received an enormous amount of e-mail from family and friends of disabled hunters who were more than willing to take him. They shared the same story of not giving up their hunting despite their physical condition. Today, weekend hunting is still part of the James' life and his love for the activity brought him closer to people sharing the same disability.

Another story was told by a felon, Mark Whittaker, who was put behind bars for a drug related offence. He left his wife and 1 year old child behind to serve his term and after 11 long years, he finally was released from prison. His happiness vanished when he realized that his only son could not identify with him. A huge gap kept them from having good conversation to catch up after 11 years of separation.

Mark figured out that this should not be the case: he introduced his son to the hobby he enjoyed before he went to prison, small game hunting. During the process of teaching his son to hunt for rabbits and squirrel, they talked more and more. After several weekends of going to the woods and spending time together alone, the wall between them slowly dissolved. They became each other's best friends and today, nothing can keep this man and his son apart.

Small game hunting is not all just about hunting the game species out there; for some people it is much more than that. It can be a life changing experience that can bring people together while doing the thing they love the most.


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