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On Solving Marriage Problems

In today's world, the moment the spark is gone in a marriage, the couple would automatically consider divorce as the best solution. They want to be out of the But marriage problems could be solved without going to the lawyer and filing for that separation.

Married couples always need a tip or two. So here they are: simple things that could save the marriage from a potential catastrophe.

1. One word: compromise.

A husband and a wife should make things work by both compromising. They must know when to give and when to take.

Remember that, for a relationship to grow, both parties must give way to the other.

2. Be positive.

A married couple has to always look at the brighter side. They must remember that they got married because they love each other and that they swore that they would be together until death would take them apart. For every shortcoming of the partner, the other must think of the 10 positive things that would somehow give redemption.

3. Have state-of-the-union talk.

This is important. The married couple could go out for a walk and talk. Both must be sympathetic listeners and should not dismiss each other's sentiments and complaints. They must remember that neither of the two should be rude.

4. Go on a trip.

Second honeymoon, anyone? Maybe what a "tired" married couple needs is just a time off, an escape to a place where love could be rekindled.

5. Solve one problem at a time.

Solve multiple problems by resolving one at a time. Trying to solve things all at once can be overwhelming and cause more disagreement.

6. Pray together.

A married couple might want to consider praying together and allowing some spiritual intervention. This might make things easier.

7. Seek professional help.

Sign up for a marriage retreat or consult a marriage counselor. This is a drastic step - but this would help the couple in the long run.

"I need space," "I don't think the marriage is working out," "Let's just split up," and "Meet my divorce lawyer" -- these statements are harsh and common to couples who are about to say goodbye to a lifetime commitment. While solving marriage problems is never a cinch, the couple must think that it would be more difficult to let go of a relationship that was once greatly revered than to rebuild it. Fight for that love!


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