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Poker-themed Party


The greatest party theme to hit adult parties and gatherings is the poker or casino night. This is a very challenging party because you have to set all the fixtures used for poker and set the right mood and feel like you are in the casino.

This is a great way for adults to relax, retire for the day and unwind either in a friend's house, up on the hill, a cozy rented place or resthouse.

Each room will be prepared and carpeted for poker tables and other games. There will be like a VIP style lounge with velvety fabrics and felt for tablecloths. Additional touches and decorations such as casino murals and playing cards are good in jazzing up walls and boards. Facades or entrance way to the party hall may also be used with poker designed arch where most people can take pictures or those who sit down at the registration office. Balloons and banners can also be used to accentuate the area. They can be shaped as pawns and put in as decorations.

Costumes are more on sexy black tops and evening dresses while men go for black polos and slacks. Food may come in variety like shrimp cocktail, carved prime rib and assorted finger foods and appetizers.

Supplies, lessons, instructional and other supplies for a casino themed party are available in show rooms of different sites on the net. So it would not be difficult to buy. Posters and banners are used to promote the event and introduce the celebrants.

In every planning of parties, there is a checklist that needs to be followed to be guided accordingly.

First, a month before the event, details must be arranged and decided like dates, place, theme, guest list, invitations, decor and music.

Second are the preliminaries wherein house cleaning, follow-up invitations, groceries, table linens, food, decor and prepared preparty food must be finalized.

Third, gear up the maximum shopping of groceries needed for the party. Fourth is to do the last minute details check, cleaning, decorating of the party, setting of tables for many people.

On the day of the party itself you have to finally clean and check everything and if food is prepared according to the time table.

The most important thing of all, as host of the party, be sure that you do not spend too much of your time in the kitchen while others are having fun at your own party. Just follow your planner checklist and timetable and you are set.


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