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After having prepared the necessary equipment and supplies for the much anticipated camping adventure, one will tend to wonder what activities can be done once settled there. Depending on the campsite location, the range of activities can vary. Some locations offer boating and fishing, swimming, hunting and other various sports. However for some people, especially families, they feel that this is their chance to spend quality time with their children. What better way of spending this time than playing wholesome games.

Small kids have been always fascinated with story-telling. A modified version of this can be played into a game wherein one person starts the story by setting the scenario and leaving it with an open sentence. The others can take turns in pitching in until the story becomes ridiculously hilarious. The advantage of such a game is that there are no losers because everyone contributes to the turn of the story.

With an extra blanket, this can be spread on the ground for the family to lie on. Watching the clouds, this game can be fun by adding a twist to it by running through the letters of the alphabet (e.g. apple, banana, etc.) to find these objects in the shape of the clouds. This will not only boost children's creativity but it is also a means to keep the kids from wandering off on their own.

Bring a blank journal. Spending a small time in filling out this journal can be a fun activity for both adults and children. To make it more interesting, pack some colored pencils and crayons to use. The journal can be treated as a souvenir from the wonderful camping trip spent.

With a bit of imagination, one can create a lot of things using small twigs and pebbles lying on the ground. To hold the pieces together, a bottle of white glue can do the trick in transforming the twigs into a log cabin or castle. Colored markers can be used to create pebble pets that can resemble a ladybug or even a frog.

What is a campfire without singing songs? Traditional campfire songs are often played with a guitar. However, in the absence of such or in the absence of talent, one can make use of small twigs and branches to make up a beat. To add a twist to this activity, one can make up songs to a familiar tune or to include children's names in the songs.


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