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Golf Ball Buying Tips

Having as much as 5,000 patented designs approved since the 1990’s, the golf ball is the most skillfully designed ball in the world of sports.

Because of its advanced technology, choosing a golf ball is a baffling decision for golf players.

Because there are several types of golfers, ball manufacturers have created several kinds of balls, that if correctly matched to the player’s game, they can boost enjoyment and at the same time a possibility for par.

Structure of a golf ball

1. Two-piece golf balls are recognized for their "distance", and players describe them as distance balls. These balls are made up of harder, strong and a cover resistant to cuts. The compact inner center is made from a variety of materials. The harder the material of the inner core, the further the ball will travel. However, two-piece balls lack the capacity to manage the ball because it has limited spin amounts.

2. Three-piece golf balls are constructed for feel and spin. These are made up of a softer coat or cover (Balata) with compact inner core and extra layer of fabric between the cover and the core that "softens" the blow or impact of the head of the club against the golf ball. This provides improved feel and spin, but loss of durability and distance.

3. Multi-layer golf balls are also known as “all purpose balls”. These balls are made up of a durable, soft cover that is separated by many very thin layers which are made up of a variety of materials and an improved inner core, resulting in a ball that gives better all around execution.

Buying the best ball for you

1. Beginners or high handicap players will require distance and are likely to “mis-hit” the golf ball, must choose a two-piece golf ball with Surlyn coat or cover because it is durable, affordable and has “distance” characteristics.

2. Mid handicap golfers can play with a three-piece ball with Elastomer or Balata softer cover to give more feel and spin. Since these balls offer faster “swing speeds”, they will not suffer distance loss.

3. Low handicap players should use a multi-layered ball. Because advance golf players have the quickest “swing speeds”, they will achieve extra distance and feel and spin benefits.

Like any equipment in golf, discovering the perfect or right golf ball for your play style will entail a lot of trial or testing. Just keep on playing, keep on testing those balls; in no time, you will find the most perfect one for you.


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