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Video Podcasting: Easy How To

While audio podcasting is still very hot, video podcasting is also gaining a good following. Although video podcasts tend to be larger in file size then audio podcasts, they nonetheless are more interesting and can convey a clearer picture of the message intended.

Video podcasting is a little bit more complicated than audio podcasting. It involves more materials, more time, and more technical know-how. However, given all that, video podcasting is still relatively simple to accomplish. Here are a few tips to help you get started in your video podcasting career.

1. Equipment. You will need the right equipment for your video podcasting needs. First of all, you will need a good camera. While in the future, you will be downgrading your video quality so that its file size will make it handy to download on the Internet, you will still want to make sure that the raw input you get is crystal clear.

This makes it important that you possess a good video camera with connectivity to a video editing computer. Most of the newer video cameras on the market today have some form of PC connectivity. If you are using one of the older video-8 cameras, you will still need a video capture card on your computer to receive the video input.

Also, your PC should be powerful enough to run the video editing software. Video editing software applications are some of the most resource consuming applications on the market today. Even so, a mid-range computer should be able to handle most simple video editing jobs.

2. Software. You will need good video editing software to help you manipulate your raw video input. The jobs you have to do on the computer include splicing and editing. You'll probably want to insert audio files also provide the soundtrack for your video.

Also your video editing software should be able to reduce the file size of your video clips. Remember that even though most people today are on broadband, downloading extremely large video clips is still inconvenient for most people. This is probably why audio podcasting is still all the rage even when video podcasting seems to be the more superior choice in multimedia entertainment.

Try to make sure you're able to minimize or compress the video file a small as possible. You will probably want to use some specialized codecs for this job. However a sure that the codecs you use are commonly used by other people or else they won't be able to play your file.

3. Publish. Lastly you want to publish your podcast to your web server and have it listed on the podcast directory.


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