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How To Create Your First Podcast

Podcasting is all the rage nowadays. And despite its intimidating name, it actually is simple to set up and publish. All you need is basic knowledge of setting up a web server, and you're off. You don't need to undergo any training to be able to employ pod casting in your web site.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your first broadcast effortlessly and painlessly.

1. Prepare your online content. Your podcast will naturally consist of audio input. You will need to record the content. It may come from a previous broadcast or it may be brand-new content.

If you are developing new audio content, you will need a recording device. If you aren't using your computer to record this content you at least need means for you transfer the audio to your computer. For your computer, you will typically need an audio card, a microphone, and ideally, some audio editing software.

After you have recorded the audio content, you will need to convert it to a format that is ideal for online podcasting. Most recordings done on computers or recordings transferred computers may be in .WAV format. You'll have to convert from this format to the MP3 format.

Most audio software are capable of doing this. During the conversion, you will have to specify the quality of your content. Most options include 48K, 64K, and 128K. The lower quality numbers are for speech, or sermon content, while the higher quantity options are for high-fidelity audio content such as music files and others.

2. Publish it. Getting your podcast available for other people is as simple as publishing it to your web server. All you have to do is send your file to your web server's directory, and your link is hot. Make sure you activate the links on your download page so that your content is easily downloaded.

3. Create an RSS feed. Then, you will need to greet on RSS feed so that those with RSS software are able to keep track of your new content. If you're knowledgeable with the RSS format, you can even create your RSS feed using any text editing application.

Most other people, though, use blogging software, or other RSS feed creation software to help them keep their feeds up to date.

4. Publish your RSS feed. Passing you will have to do is publish your RSS feed. This is a simple as saving your RSS feed to your web server, and activating them for the use of RSS feed software.


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